• Product Name
    Rakunandesu(Pruning shears)
    Size / Weight
    Blade Length:40mm BladeThickness:1.4mm Cutting Diameter:15mm
    Product Introduction Video

    “Rakunandesu” is full of “Raku.”
    Anvil type anyone can cut lightly.
    Pruning shears that can cut easily up to 10mm and possible up to 15mm. They are anvil type that is less prone to tendon sheath inflammation and less vibration to the hand. The receiving blade is resin to cushion the impact.
    Blade is a replaceable blade type multi-axis opening and closing method. If it does not cut, you can replace the blade with a screw. That is easy to work with no maintenance. In addition, grip width can be adjusted in two steps and spring strength can also be adjusted in three steps. You can adjust it to your hands. of course, it can be used regardless of dominant hand.
    Caution: The cutting edge has a thin blade finish, so there is a risk of bending with the cutting edge.

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