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    Automatic Press Cutter
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    Straw, hay, and other farmer’s necessities.
    It is also used for cutting flower stems.
    1.The blade part is made of special steel and specially hardened so that all products are even.
    2.The automatic feed of the blade cutting section is longer than that of conventional press cutters, so cutting can be done with ease.
    3.The center of the automatic feed is installed at the base of the cutting edge to prevent deviation, and the cutting edge can be easily removed by anyone and sharpened to change the cutting edge back and forth.

    ○ Types from No. 0 to No. 5 are available.
    No.0 Blade Length:300mm
    No.1 Blade Length:330mm
    No.2 Blade Length:360mm
    No.3 Blade Length:390mm
    No.4 Blade Length:420mm
    No.5 Blade Length:450mm

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