• Product Name
    Secateurs A type

    Type A pruner is thought to be a standard style of single hand pruners.
    HAYASHI offers 2 kinds of TOBISHO A type pruners from the inventory.

    1) “Blade Brazed” A type pruner with YASUGI AOGAMI steel
    2) “Blade Brazed” A type pruner with YASUGI steel

    Brazing” is the process of attaching a blade made of a different material (a harder metal than the handle) to the handle. Products using “Yasugi Aogami Steel” for the cutting blade, which is particularly resistant to wear, are products that can be used for a long time.

    As the whole body forging has become the mainstream nowadays, the number of craftsmen has been decreasing and the process is time-consuming.

    Apart from Type A, we can offer various TOBISHO pruners (Type B, Type HIRYU, Type ASUKA, etc).
    For more, please contact us.

    Handle Lock:Metal

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